I am a PostDoctoral researcher at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), in Tromsø, Norway. I am currently part of the Distributed Arctic Observatory (DAO) project and I am working on the simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The aim of this work is to provide autonomous and energy efficient CPS adapted to the artic tundra.

I did a PhD funded by ENS Rennes at IRISA laboratory as a member of the Myriads project-team. I was working on large-scale network simulations for time and energy predictions in Fog infrastructures under the supervision of Martin Quinson and Anne-Cécile Orgerie. During this PhD, I worked on the development of a wired network energy model and a Wi-Fi performance model for the simulation of large-scale platforms. I worked on several network simulators such as SimGrid and ns-3. I had the occasion to deploy distributed experimentations on different clusters of the Grid’5000 testbed.

Checkout my CV for more informations.

  Areas of Interests


  • Network Simulation   Packet-Level and Flow-Level.
  • Energy Saving   Network communications and algorithms optimization towards energy saving.
  • Wireless Technologies   Wi-Fi, LoRa etc.

Operating Systems

  • x86 kernels   I am fascinated by Computer Architecture and Operating System development generally. I worked on a 32-bits x86 multi-tasking kernel called Bringelle and similar 64-bit kernel called Boucane. This work aims to popularize Operating System development by making it accessible to everyone. Indeed, current online resources are often non-exhaustive enough and do not approach the subject from a complete beginner perspective.


  • Chess   I enjoy playing chess since a couple of years. We can play together on Lichess :) or OTB! I am working on a chess game analysis software called OChess. I also work on various C++ chess libraries:
    • pgnp an efficient PGN parser
    • chessarbiter that allows to arbitrate chess game in C++
    • uciadapter a cross-platform library to communicate with UCI chess engines in C++
    • cgeditor A dependency-free chess game editor library written in C++
    Feel free to contact me for more informations, I would be very happy :D


Email  loic DOT guegan AT mailbox DOT org
Mobile (+33) 767 19 09 66