I am an Associate Professor at the Computer Science department of UiT the Arctic University of Norway, in Tromsø. My research is about the estimation, measurement and optimization of the computing continuum energy consumption. I conduct my research with distributed systems simulation, prototyping and test-bed experiments.

I am part of the Distributed Arctic Observatory (DAO) project. The context of the project is about the development of energy efficient distributed systems for the monitoring of the Arctic Tundra. The project covers several research areas such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), network simulations, energy efficiency, distributed systems, machine learning etc.

I am involved in the development of an Extensible Simulator for Distributed System (ESDS). It is a simulation framework for the study of wired and wireless distributed systems. ESDS integrates various models for time and energy predictions in computer systems.

  Areas of Interest


  • Network Simulation   Packet-Level and Flow-Level.
  • Energy Efficiency   Network communications and algorithms optimization toward energy saving including AI/ML methods.
  • Power Monitoring   Power monitoring hardware/software for computer systems.
  • Wireless Technologies   Wi-Fi, LoRa, NbIoT etc.

Operating System

  • x86 kernels   I am fascinated by Computer Architecture and Operating System development.
    I work on a 32-bits x86 multi-tasking kernel called Bringelle and similar 64-bit kernel called Boucane.
    This work aims to popularize Operating System development by making it accessible to everyone.
    Current online resources are often non-exhaustive enough and do not approach the subject from a complete beginner perspective.


  • Chess   I enjoy playing chess since a couple of years. We can play together on Lichess :) or OTB!
    I am working on a chess game analysis software called OChess and on various C++ chess libraries:
    • pgnp an efficient PGN parser
    • chessarbiter that allows to arbitrate chess game in C++
    • uciadapter a cross-platform library to communicate with UCI chess engines in C++
    • cgeditor A dependency-free chess game editor library written in C++
    • chess-move-interface A standard chess half-move (ply) interface for C++ libraries interoperability
    Feel free to contact me if you want more information about the projects. I would be very happy :D
    To discuss about OChess, an irc channel is available at irc://



Hansin Hanses veg 56,
Realfagbygget Building,
9019 Tromsø, Norway
Office: A253

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